Metal Roofs

Central Florida Metal Roofs

At Quality Roofing & Sheet Metal, our commitment revolves around offering customers durable and high-quality metal roofing solutions designed to withstand the relentless weather conditions, especially prevalent during hurricane seasons in our region. Metal roofing stands out as the most dependable, long-lasting choice available in the roofing industry.

We provide a range of custom and cost-effective metal roofing options, ensuring you obtain the desired roof at an affordable rate. Our expertise encompasses installation, repair, and replacement of these resilient metal roofs, built to endure strong winds and heavy rainfall. Crafted from recycled materials, metal roofs are eco-friendly and contribute to energy savings. They deflect sunlight, offer robust defense against hail and airborne debris, making them a reliable choice against hurricane-force conditions.

Types Of Metal Roofs

Quality Roofing & Sheet Metal presents three primary types of metal roofing:

  • Metal Shingle – Metal shingles, crafted from steel, copper, or aluminum, offer versatile options. These shingles can undergo stamping for various textures and adaptable appearances, harmonizing with diverse exterior design styles. Lightweight and low-maintenance, metal tiles ensure swift installation and long-lasting endurance. Typically, they are affixed using concealed standing seam fasteners.
  • Standing Seam – Our services include standing seam metal roofing, featuring hidden fasteners, alongside traditional exposed fastener metal roofing. These panels interlock, concealing all screws and clips on the roof, enhancing structural durability.
  • Exposed Fastener – Traditional exposed fastener metal roofs exhibit visible panel screws securing metal panels to the roof deck, resiliently withstanding winds exceeding 180 miles per hour.